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Welcome to Trinity Home.

In 1921, millionaire inventor, philanthropist and adventurer Maxwell Anderson Mercer founded the AEon Society for Gentlemen, a charitable and fraternal organization dedicated to guiding the peaceful and progressive development of mankind, and exploring paranormal phenomena worldwide.

By the early 21st century, the AEon Society's Project Utopia is at the forefront of scientific and social efforts concerning the "Novas," those superpowered humans who would later become known as Aberrants. In 2120, the AEon Trinity will again be humanity's vanguard, guiding reconstruction in the wake of the devastating Aberrant War, leading humanity to the stars, and coordinating Earth's first line of defense against hostile aliens and Aberrants -- the Psionic Orders.

Far in the future, on the edge of the new millennium, the mysterious AEon Institute will emerge from its self-imposed exile beyond the Rim to return Hope, Sacrifice, Unity and Enlightenment to the remnants of a galaxy shattered by war and barbarism

In the near future of 2120, humanity has begun to expand to the stars. Psions, gifted by alien technology with fantastic mental powers, are the vanguard of humanity's defense against terrorists, hostile aliens, and mankind's power-twisted progeny -- the Aberrants. Trinity (formerly called AEon) is White Wolf's near-future science-fiction game.


There will be constant updates to the Trinity and Aberrant site. I currently posess every Trinity sourcebook, so many new and exciting missions will take place in the near future.

What's New?

Alien Encounter: Deception

Aurora Australis: Legions Sourcebook

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