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About Me | Aberrant

Every age has it's heros.

Novas display a multitude of amazing and incred-ible
powers. Scientists have attributed these powers
to a nova򳠍azarin-Rashoud node and its ability to
manipulate quantum energies and forces. While the
mechanics of how the M-R node functions are still a
mystery, the effects of the powers themselves are
more documented. Novas tend to 󥲵pt points of great stress. The nature of this stress often dictates the kinds of powers the nova possesses. For example, nova Micah Weedman, who emerged during a skydiving accident, gained the ability to fly. Novas often display an outwardly visual effect associated with their powers, called the 󡮩ma. we see, Micah displays a pair of glowing energy 󷩮gsen he flies. Besides the anima, most novas bear some obvious outward sign of their change. While many novas
possess amazing physiques, some novas develop further changes to their appearance, such as bioluminescent auras or silvery skin. Nova powers can roughly be divided into three categories: internal powers, sensory/ controlling powers and external powers. These categories are merely for purposes of demonstration; few nova abilities are so
easily classified.

Internal Powers

Internal powers affect only the nova. Many novas display typical human traits that are heightened to an amazing degree. Some novas are incred-ibly strong or unbelievably intelligent. A quick look at the evening news sometimes shows novas lifting tractor-trailer trucks or memorizing the
complete works of Shakespeare. Many novas seem to display a height-ened level of biological attractiveness and natural charisma. The many nova actors and actresses are testament to how seductive and appealing novas can be. Some novas display useful and amazing body modifications. Novas with
claws, wings or the ability to withstand the elements or massive amounts of energy are not uncommon. Changing appearance at will or even turning completely invisible are other documented powers. And, of course, so is the ability to fly...

Sensory/Controlling Powers

Potentially even more powerful are novas who can sense things beyond the limits of normal human experience, or control objects through acts of will. At the simplest level, many of these abilities seem nothing more than normal human senses extended and heightened to an impossible
degree. Other such powers include seeing in other parts of the electro-magnetic spectrum (such as infrared, ultraviolet and x-ray waves) or seeing matter on a microscopic or atomic level.


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