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About the Story Teller
Mage: The Ascension

Welcome to Mage Home.

This is the Age of High Magick. Mighty enchantments summon demons. Storms rise at a wizard's command. Love charms seduce the unwary and faeries dance in forbidden rings. Yet, wonder is undercut by the spectre of death. Plagues, wars, intrigues and Inquisitions turn this age into a Dark Fantastic wonderland.

To drive the shadows away, men and women of science create grand machines - airships, cannons, medical miracles - and take up the banner of the common folk. Other visionaries pray to God or the Pit to deliver the world into their hands - one way or another. Fate places Magick, Science and Faith at odds, and the contest is far from decided.

You are the magus - the wizard, the scientist, the miracle-worker. This age is your age; this world, your world.

Mage: The Acension & Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade are developed by Phil Brucato and Rachelle Udell

I will update as soon as a new mission is created.

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