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The Gathering
White Wolf News

The Latest and Greatest.


Sabbat and Camarilla Chess Pieces are now available. This includes only the pieces. The board must be bought seperately.


Vampire Redemption Patch and Demo Released!


See Material cut from The Swashbuckler's Handbook, Go to


Giovanni Sterling Cufflinks Half Price Markdown
$34.95 includes free copy of Clan Novel Giovanni.


Vampire Revised Clanbooks

Clanbook Gangrel - Clanbook Malkavian - Clanbook Nosferatu - Clanbook Brujah


A Gallery of Indescribable Horror

White Wolf's Succubus Club Party
and the Wall of Shame Crackhouse
Warning: Parental discretion advised.


White Wolf Wants You!

White Wolf is looking for a new employee!
Do you know QERadiant, JAVA, C++, HTML and CGI?
If you have these talents AND YOU HAVE ACTUALLY DESIGNED
QUAKE III LEVELS then send your resume to

Please include the locations of any websites you have designed
and a place where your sample levels can be downloaded.


Clan Novel Updates

New Character Stats for Theo Bell, (Brujah)
Aisling Sturbridge (Tremere) and Anatole (Malkavian)
Malkavian and Ravnos Excerpts
Setite Signature Character Hesha's Stats

Excripts from Swashbucklers Handbook

Vampire Redemption Demo Download

Succubus Party

For more information about White Wolf products, visit

White Wolf Online

Do you have news about White Wolf? Send me an E-Mail @: thegathering@phayze.Com